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YouLead 17. The Highhlights

By: Nyawira Gitaka

It is almost unbelievable that we are counting down days to YouLead 18! It seems like just the other day when we were having powerful and exciting

conversations and ideas at YouLead 17. The energy packed summit trended for about a week. So what happened at YouLead 17 and what next?
YouLead 17 took place in Arusha, Tanzania from November 27th- 1st December 2017. It brought together over 200 youth delegates drawn from the East African Community member states and the theme was Unlocking Youth Leadership Potential:Youth at the Centre of the East African Integration.

Discussions: Lead by a great team of panelists and facilitators dialogues during the summit revolved around business and corporate leadership, women and political governance, Africa’s Agenda 2063, how do we attain the SDGs was a major topic of interest. The summit also addressed youth policies and current opportunities available for youth exploitation. Technology and Innovation with respect to its vital role and potential in youth leadership also took center stage. To sum up the discussions was the issue of youth participation. Whereas some felt that youth do take part in activities, policies and decision making in their countries it was clear that there is room to still push and take part in different social, economic and political conversations.

Call to Action: After the informative talks there had to be a call to action. After all, the summit was to churn and ignite the potential seated deep within the minds of African youth.  Raphael Obonyo, one of the speakers in the summit challenged the youth to occupy and claim spaces where they can deliver value and transform their community, Stephen Machua supported this by further asserting that youth must not only be satisfied with good policies being set up but must push for implementation as well and keep leaders accountable.
Whereas tough, serious and critical issues about the future of Africa dominated the summit, the delegates took time to enjoy themselves. Since the summit a number of participants took up the challenge and are already delivering change in their communities back home. One participant established a nationwide girls club network ‘SHE-Club’ to engage every girl at secondary school in leadership practices, community development projects and financial literacy. Another participant from the summit gathered 120 youth and 40 guests and through this forum to encouraged youth to develop sustainable economic projects as a response to unemployment.
These are just but a few outcomes of the YouLead17 summit and it will only get bigger and better this year. Are you going join us as we create the Africa we want and deserve? Take a step and be part of us!
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