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Young people are accountable to others

By Akilimali Saleh

In the afternoon session, Kenneth Wabuteya - one of the young people who participated in the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Summit of

African Youth presented the report to their peers.
“This African Youth SDG Summit was held from 7 to 9 November 2018 in Accra, Ghana. To begin, he thanked other young people for their participation. "It is a great pleasure for us to participate in the Youth Panel Session for the East Africa Region. " he said.
In his presentation, this young person said that young Africans have different problems in different countries. He believes that "In some countries, it is democracy that interests young people, in others it is language. But development interests all regions of Africa. "
Several youth problems were debated at this meeting in Ghana, including gender equality; peace, justice and democracy, the business climate, young entrepreneurship.
Analyzes have been made both in the summit and in the intersections. The young people took a position on certain points. They proposed the following suggestions for achieving the SDGs by 2030: "Creating a good environment for young Africans, involving women in advocacy, decision-making and politics, combating gender-based violence. genre. " said
For him, "We can use them to advocate with our respective governments" An idea that encourages a participant who believes that "Young people must intervene when the authorities take measures that destroy the environment. We need to be able to discourage young people from things like the pipeline that is being built in Uganda and Tanga in Tanzania. "
Young people in the African region have already started at their level
The example is of Maimuna Mwinyi coordinator of a youth organization for gender in Nakuru State, Central Kenya. For her: "We are already working on it, Nakuru, the Governmental Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations are joining forces at the local level to discuss the application of gender. Measures are taken with the youth initiative and this operation gives tangible results. "
Young people are divided into six groups to define what they can do to achieve these SDGs. "Because young people must stop condemning politicians and leaders yet they also have a role to play in the positive change in the East African region. "


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