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By Grace Abaho

The second day of the summit also started off very well; the early morning session took place at MS- TCDC just after morning breakfast. The summit delegates

were full of strength after a very great and energizing treat. After session one which was attended by all delegates, the groups were split into two; one stayed and another went to the EAC (East Africa Community) headquarters. A walk into the key areas focused on during the discussions.

Mentorship as a tool for Promoting Youth Participation

The session begun with defining and understanding mentorship; the lead facilitator Stella Nderitu defined Mentorship as the process in which an in which an individual (mentee) links up with another individual (mentor) who has walked the same path as a mentee in life, Career, experience and Service for instance guidance, lessons and  conversations. It is ultimately true that there is no way the youth in this world can get better and be productive if there are no mentors. Most people often assume they are doing what is right and refuse to ask for help but really need to be guided, in retrospect. We all need to seek help from someone who has a little more experience than we do in whatever field we choose to focus our lives.

Harnessing Youth and Social Media

Three Billion people use Social media in the world today with the aid of different Social media Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook among others.  This means social media is the real deal for the youth of this day and age, although it can’t go without saying that it is not in any way in isolation of how important it is for the rest to the age groups—everyone uses and benefits from social media use. Social media can be a very vital tool to empowerment of the youth  but can be a very dangerous tool that causes violence, divion, cyber bullying and sharing of negative information among other dangers of using social media wrongly. The facilitator, Ndimbuni Msongoli, echoed to the attendants how best to utilize their social media space: “Filter information and be careful with what you take in as truth; use the in-built social media tools to get the best out of social media!,” she said eloquently.

Systems and Structures for Sustainable Youth Projects

Sustainability is the backbone of any project; is the muscle that keeps giving. This paints the picture very accurately that For the well- thought out project-plans to make sense in the long run, a sustainable approach has to be adopted , that is all there is —sustainability structures are  very fundamental in ensuring that the projects keep running, especially when the funding is no more.  key things in harnessing sustainability; develop new partnerships, boost existing relations, Communication and Outreach, Institutionalize local groups and Volunteer engagement among others. In all this’ It is critical to ask, how are youth participating? Are they visible? If not, that is a wake- up call for all of us: be involved and speak up.

Apps and the Girls: A perspective from a Community Girl’s Empowerment in Dar es Salaam.

The women empowerment and emancipation programs in the world have opened windows for women to do things that were long thought to be masculine. We now have women in big spaces in the world of Technology like Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief operating officer at Facebook. Carolyn Ekyarisiima, founder and CEO of the Apps and Girls initiative, called upon the delegates to get involved in things like coding; join coding, virtual learning and mentorship clubs. “Girls, too, are productive, effective and efficient— all they need is opportunity to get involved in programs that foster their innate abilities. We at Apps and Girls are focused at getting these programs across East Africa. Get involved,” Carolyn tasked the youth.

It is on a proud note to say that this was yet another day well- spent as the youth were taken yet another extra mile into unlocking their potential. With these discussions, they are tasked to one important resounding question: What am I doing in society to unlock my (or someone else’s) potential?



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