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YouLead Summit Day 3 – Recap

By: Gael T. Rutembesa

Day 3 of the YouLead Summit started off with a cool temperature, but with the youth ready to heat the day up. As always, they started with a fun energizer,

followed by a brief time of sharing their highlights of the summit so far. One of the delegates didn’t shy from expressing his heartfelt gratitude for simply being a part of this summit, and learning so much already.

With the theme of the day, Business & Corporate Leadership,” there was no doubt they were looking forward to the day’s sessions, as they collectively and loudly reiterated a phrase they heard the day before, “Before you make change, make money.”

The first plenary address of the day was: Youth, Technology and the Future of Work: Meeting employment needs of Youth today and tomorrow, on which was addressed the issue of Africa not being poor, but poorly managed instead.

A panel discussion ensued on Youth, Technology and the Future of Work: Meeting employment needs of Youth today and tomorrow and the Role of Governments, Private Sector, and the Voluntary Sectors. The main highlight the delegates soaked in was that success is not achieved overnight: hard work and dedication has to be put in.

Come break time, delegates participating in sessions to be held at the East African Headquarters in Arusha city made their way to the buses waiting to transport them there. Their arrival was slightly late due to a roadblock a few kilometers away from MS-TCDC, which prompted a detour to a longer route that made for a memorable journey, and also provided no time for the delegates to take enough selfies in the beautiful lobby of the building.

Three interactive sessions were quickly held at the EAC headquarters, namely:

Design Driven Entrepreneurship and Technology; The delegates discussed reasons some of the world’s leading products are a success, and some of the challenges the youth face today in unlocking their true potential. What they can do about them? Defining their career, and doing something they are passionate about was one of the solutions provided, among others.


The Role of Youth Leadership in natural resources governance in their communities; Institutions that govern the entire government shouldn’t be linked to institutions that govern natural resources. Young leaders should build institutions that will critically interrogate the government to promote transparency, and also determine whose or which agenda is being driven. They determined however, that the main challenge is that the youth are not well prepared to run these institutions, yet.


Transformative Feminism; Gender mainstreaming, and Gender advocacy to change perceptions and social injustice were the main points of discussion on how to empower women, starting from in the home, to the schools and the rest of the society.


More keys have been handed over to the youth on day 3 of the YouLead Summit, to help them unlock their potential, hence help them build the Africa of tomorrow; one with brands that will be recognised globally; one that will better equip the youth to run great institutions; one that will see all women left empowered.

Photos by: Fahad Fuad



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