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From Knowledge to Impact!

By: Gael T. Rutembesa

Action Aid Denmark today hosted a thematic session on how to translate the knowledge received from the summit into action, for knowledge can be received

easily and fast, but can also be easily lost if left redundant.

After a brief team building exercise and introduction, delegates were left to have a 10 min interactive session, discussing how knowledge can be transferred into action. The following were their contributions:

Receiving the knowledge is the very first step.

Analyse the information.

Identify the areas where it can be applicable, and how.

Assess the impact it will have on the society.

Set goals/objectives.

Create a model and share with others.

However, in a world of challenges, it can get hard to put plans into action. And that’s why a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis is crucial when determining the issues we want to change in our societies.

Another crucial thing is the importance of team work when it comes to implementing an Action Plan. The delegates were given time to write down and present their action ideas, and form teams to build on some of them. They were challenged to determine:

  • Which goals they are trying to achieve.
  • Which actions they are going to take to achieve them, and
  • Which resources they need to achieve them.

The discussions were fruitful, showing that the youth’s potential is already being unlocked and ready to be unleashed. Their presentations, short, yet detailed, are more than proof of that. Areas they tackled range from Technology, drug abuse, to teenage pregnancies.

There’ll definitely be much more to be achieved with more time ahead to put their ideas into action. However, if not responsible, motivated and dedicated to the cause, all the knowledge received will be put to no use. So, may the youth of East Africa continue to unlock their potential.

Photo by: Fahad Fuad



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