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YouLead Summit Day 5 – Recap

By: Gael T. Rutembesa

After yet another night of fun and entertainment with Kenyan live band, Sarabi, the youth of East Africa who gathered in the main tent in the lush, green

gardens at MS-TCDC, for the last day of the YouLead17 summit.

MC Benny from Uganda energized the crowd and had them ready for the day ahead, as he engaged them in a nice catchy but brain teasing tune. It didn’t take long for the youth to catch the rhythm and sing along flawlessly. They were all in harmony by the end of it.

To delve deeper into Business & Corporate Leadership, the first panel discussion of the day was on Leadership and Corporate Governance in Youths organisations, Social Enterprises and Networks. Two important points were highlighted amidst the interactions between the panelists and delegates:

Leadership by example as a way of making leadership effective.

Maintaining contact with the people in the new networks the delegates have built throughout the week.

The next panel discussed Cultivating Sustainable Youth Projects in East Africa,

stressing that a business should solve a problem in the community, it should be sustainable, and should be able to be integrated into the community.

For the next activity on the agenda, Ms. Earth/Popularity Rwanda 2017, Uwase Hirwa Honorine, briefly spoke about the EAC Youth Movement focusing on environmental protection, an initiative the youth showed interest in. Before the tea break, the very first step was taken as all the delegates took part in a tree planting activity at MS-TCDC, a spark that’s believed to start a fire and spread through to their respective countries.

Proceeding the tea break, were two other panel discussions:

Challenges & Strategies of Promoting Effective Youth Participation

Could Technology & Innovation be the Silver Lining for Youth Leadership?

These lasted until the lunch break, and the end of the YouLead17 summit discussions. Next is the closing ceremony.

But does it all end here? Will all ideas be put to action? Will the network between the East African youth keep growing? Will the fire keep burning and spread throughout the continent? It’s only a matter of time. It’s on to the next step from here on now. Till the next summit, YouLead18.



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