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On Technology & Innovation being the Silver Lining for Youth Leadership – Day 5

By Edna Ninsiima

Panelists were tasked to share what they’re doing with their platforms to promote Youth Leadership.

Kisila –A telecom Engineer and Programmer is teaching youth to innovative solutions to challenges.

Diana Ninsiima is the Senior Program Manager for DOT Tanzania, and oversees the Youth Leadership Program that aims to empower youth with leadership,

technology, social entrepreneurship and livelihood skills.

Carolyne Ekyarisiima, the creator of “Apps and Girls” in Tanzania empowers young girls between the ages of 10 -15 years to learn how to code. She believes that many social challenges can be solved through technology. She also reechoes Diana on youth’s reluctance to attain technological skill skills; “At University, many of us skip/overlook courses on technology.

An activist and coordinator for a Youth Hub, Naushad Elijah does campaigns and demonstrations with placards in Kenya to encourage youth to embrace social change. He tells a story of when he went to Denmark and they had to record videos and sell them to media houses for posting on their websites. “That showed me that technology is the way to go.” Now, at the Youth Hub in Kenya, They’re promoting working remotely online to create convenience.

A youth from the audience has been a beneficiary of panelist Diana’s program. “I am who I am because of that DOT training.” Another participant in the audience is frustrated with the education system and perhaps the failure to apply effort to learn by some individuals. Cites an example of a man she met who is pursuing a Masters in IT but can’t navigate Microsoft documents.

On social media use, Panelist Carolyne encouraged youth leaders to influence their social media followers for positive change. “You have a lot of people looking up to you and waiting to be influenced by you. So when the selfies are done, share some knowledge and inspire others.”



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