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Delegate Registration

YouLead delegates are competitively selected from a cross all sectors:
Deadline is on 30th October 2018 at exactly 11:59 pm EAT.

Legibility age as 18 - 35 years for youth leaders and others (either below or above that age bracket) will be admitted only as observers.


Who can participate?
The YouLead Summit Secretariat has extended a generous invitation to delegations from the following representations:

Delegations from National Governments

  1. Youth Members of Parliament
  2. National Women Councils
  3. Government Ministries responsible for Youth Affairs
  4. Government Ministries responsible for East African Community Affairs
  5. Government Ministries responsible for Home Affairs and Immigration
  6. Government Ministries responsible for Trade and Tourism
  7. National Students Associations



Observer Delegations from Regional Intergovernmental bodies

  1. The African Union Commission
  2. Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)
  3. Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
  4. Southern African Development Community (SADC)
  5. East African Development Bank
  6. African Development Bank



Delegations from Overseas Development Cooperation Partners

  1. Bilateral donor agencies
  2. Diplomatic missions
  3. Multilateral donor agencies
  4. United Nations Agencies



Delegations from Youth Leadership and Development Organisations

  1. Youth serving NGOs
  2. Youth led NGOs and Associations
  3. Academic and Training Institutions



Delegations from the Business and Private Sector Fraternity

  1. Business Companies - goods & services industry (telecom, transport, beverages)
  2. Corporate bodies with a strong focus on corporate social responsibility
  3. Social Enterprises contributing to solutions for youth challenges in East Africa
  4. Youth Entrepreneurs, private enterprises supportive of youth development
  5. The press and Media fraternity