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Anne Adeke

Anne Adeke

National Female Youth Member of Parliament | Uganda

Hon. Anna Adeke Ebaju was born on 27th November 1991. She hails from Soroti district in Eastern Uganda.

Hon. Adeke is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in laws from the prestigious Makerere University where she served as the Guild President of Makerere University from 2013-2014.

She is currently serving as the National Female Youth Member of Parliament representing all female youth in Uganda in the 10th Parliament. She also held several leadership positions in the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party before being elected as a Member of Parliament. Adeke also serves as the shadow Minister of State for Children and Youth Affairs. She sits on the Committees of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs and National Economy. Hon. Adeke is currently the General Secretary of the UPFYA Executive Board. She is very enthusiastic about the inclusion of female youth in decision making processes and seeing their participation in national development enhanced. She has made several proposals to government to ensure that the marginalization of female youth is dealt with by bridging the gaps that constrain them from participating in youth programming. She is generally passionate about promoting accountability and ensuring that leaders reconnect with their constituencies as a way of building a social- political accountability. She hopes to achieve this through engaging with youths during the sub-national youth parliaments where she will engage with young people and account to them as their leader.