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Abella Bateyunga

Abella Bateyunga

Social Entrepreneur

Abella Bateyunga is a social entrepreneur with more than 13 years of experience engaging young men and women though Governance, media, ICT and innovation and the arts. She is a CEO and founder of Tanzania Bora Initiatives, an initiative that engage and inspire youth, particularly young women, to participate proactively in their own governance and civic rights. 

Ms. Bateyunga manages several additional successful programs such as SHE Codes for Change, which inspires girls and young women in Tanzania to pursue careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Design, Mathematics) fields; and Love Arts Tanzania, an initiative that nature young artists gifts and talents aiming at raising the standard of art and positively influence culture and mind-set. 

In media, she is known to use her “edutainment” style that combines education and entertainment as a method to inspire Tanzanian youth to be active and engaged in their community’s social, economic, and political processes. She is also recognized for her outstanding leadership by President Obama’s flagship program YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative), having served as a YALI Fellow in 2014. Ms. Bateyunga holds a BA in Law with honors from the University of Dar es Salaam and currently pursuing her Masters in Governance and Leadership.