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11th – 13th NOVEMBER, 2019, ARUSHA


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Our Approach: The difference We Make

YouLead Summit employs the following gathering and engagement strategies to map and connect youth leaders through decentralised and organic conversations on East African current state affairs and the role of young people in shaping the future of regional integration.

Pre-Summit Events

National Youth Symposiums

YouLead Consortium members in collaboration with selected co-host organizations through successful call for expression are voluntarily hosting in-country events leading up to the regional summit. Acceptable events are those likely to result in national-level impact, involving as many youth representatives and networks as possible. There are no restrictions on the number of youth that can participate in the events. Virtual (social media and technology-based) and physical engagements are encouraged all through the process. To the fullest extent possible, all themes and topics addressed are tailored, but not limited to those of the regional summit, with a national outlook to address national-level issues. To the fullest extent, organisers are encouraged to involve youth members of parliament, national youth councils, government ministries responsible for youth and East African affairs, and reach out to as many youth-led and youth-serving organisations as possible.

In-country Youth Meet Ups
These are continuous spontaneous, exciting youth community events— ranging from Youth Multifaceted Conversations, video screenings, art workshops, Fireplace chats to whatever else youth love to do together that leads them to share experiences and clarify their aspirations.
Ubuntu Talks: Showcasing Practical Solutions to Youth Challenges

Ubuntu Talks is a design based on African values and heritage-inspired individuals sharing their stories of lived experiences. YouLead 2019 Summit will be headlined by several “Experiential Solutions based Ubuntu talks” made by subject matter experts and leaders in the key thematic areas of the Summit. The presenters are youth leaders who have undertaken initiatives with real results that are providing solutions to daily society’s challenges and are very well connected to young peoples struggles and active search for community solutions.

Panel Discussions and Expert Presentations
YouLead also features a host of panel discussions and expert presentations that allow for various experts and practitioners, as well as participating youth themselves to engage in critical discussion sessions related to the Scenarios for young people in East Africa. All the moderators are youth participants, to ensure that the matters arising are relevant to the participants and address the thematic focus of the summit.
Breakaway Workshops

The Summit consists of several breakout sessions. Each session is stemming from youth recommendations from relevant young people’s context and current national or regional affairs, remaining reflective of broader YouLead long term ambitions.

Innovation Hub
Hosted by:

Digital Opportunity Trust
Ndoto Hub
Obuntu Hub
Kili Hub
[email protected] TZ


The makeshift innovation hub seeks to be an entrepreneurship resource center to look out for, promote and inspire cross-board enterprise cooperation and professional development of business venture start-ups by young entrepreneurs across East Africa. Prior to the summit, a call is put out for young people with ongoing enterprise startups to express interest to share their business journey, successes and challenges, and put out a call for financial assistance to grow their business. They also get to link up with like minded youth entrepreneurs for possibilities of partnership and cooperation for cross border expansion of these business models.
The hub is a one stop centre of resourceful knowledge and information pertinent to entreprise growth.

  • Innovation and Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Impact
Proposed Activities/Resources
  • Starting a Business (Road Map)
  • Product and Service development
  • Access to Finance
  • Regional Opportunities and Trade Facilitation in East Africa
  • Digital Tools for Businesses
  • Legal Compliance for Businesses
  • Improved knowledge in business development
  • Increased number of organizational partnerships and collaborations
  • Integration of social impact in business enterprises
  • Better use of digital tools for businesses
  • Improved knowledge in financing options and opportunities
  • Fostering peer to peer networking opportunities among young entrepreneurs
Post-Summit Agenda for Action

The uniqueness in YouLead summit is that it strives to go beyond just being yet another annual gathering or endorsing contemporary conferencing routine. YouLead connects, inspires and empowers young leaders to undertake country and regional level initiatives aimed at solving leadership challenges and providing practical solutions to community challenges.

The YouLead Fellowship

YouLead prepares leaders to become active change makers in their local communities, countries and across the EAC by giving them the instruments and abilities required to convert their craving into action. YouLead is quickly evolving into a Sustainable Leadership Development Program. Starting this year, through the coming years, a flagship “YouLead Fellowship”, a Young Leaders Mentorship Program” will characterize our post summit agenda. We are calling upon our existing partners and new partners to join hands with us in establishing the YouLead Fellowship Fund

YouLead success story

No EAC country left behind - all 6 EAC countries represented

Nearly 50% Gender parity achievement among delegates

100% satisfaction approval by delegates

Rated 100% successful in helping youth understand their leadership role

100% successful in giving youth leaders an opportunity to meet and connect with fellow young leaders from across the EACA
100% approval of speakers, mentors and session contents
100% approval for value for money by delegates

Voices of YouLeaders

“I have established a nationwide girls club network ‘SHE-Club’ to engage every girl at secondary school in leadership practices, community development projects, financial literacy”

“After attending the YouLead summit 2017 I gathered 120 youth and 40 guests to encourage youth to develop sustainable economic projects as a response to unemployment.”

Who will participate?

YouLead 2019 extends a generous invitation to delegations from the following representations.

Government Delegations

Youth Members of Parliament
National Youth Councils
Ministries of Youth Affairs
Ministries of East African Community Affairs
National Students Associations

Observer Delegations

The African Union Commission
Regional Economic Commissions
East African Development Bank
African Development Bank

Development Partner Delegations
United Nations Agencies
Multilateral donor agencies
Bilateral donor agencies
Diplomatic missions
International Organisations

Youth Leader Delegations

Youth serving NGOs
Youth led NGOs and Associations
Academic and Training Institutions

Private Sector Delegations

Business Companies
Corporate bodies
Social Enterprises
Youth Entrepreneurs
Media and the Press