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The YouLead Community

About Our Community

YouLead is a large community with multiple constituencies and stakeholders, including YouLead secretariat, partners, Consortium members, co-host organisations, delegates, Alumni, Ambassadors, Speakers and Mentors

Partners & Sponsors

Our Partners & Sponsors

Partners and sponsors contribute to the realization of the summit through financial or in-kind support. They can nominate a member of their community to attend the summit, select sessions to facilitate, fund, or suggest speakers.

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Consortium Members

Our Consortium

Consortium members are youth centric organisations based in the EAC that support YouLead secretariat to promote YouLead agenda and work towards YouLead long term ambitions. They contribute in the planning, fundraising and execution of the national pre-summit events in their respective countries. They also participate in the planning of the regional summit and work with the alumni to execute the post summit agenda.

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Co-Host Organizations

Our Co-Host Organizations

Co-host organisations are youth led organisations and networks based in EAC countries. They work with YouLead Consortium to co-host YouLead pre - summit in country events in their respective countries. They also carry forward the YouLead post summit agenda, together with the Consortium.

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YouLead Secretariat

Our Secretariat

YouLead Secretariat is the team of dedicated youth organising and leadership specialists with various skills and talents. They offer their time and skills to work toward advancement of YouLead’s short and long-term ambitions.

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Speakers & Mentors

Our Speakers & Mentors

Speakers and Mentors are selected individuals with specialised expertise related to each YouLead theme and sub themes, who offer their skills and time to talk about related topics, inspire and offer mentorship support to YouLead delegates at the YouLead regional summit.

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YouLead Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors

YouLead Ambassadors are East African youth between the age of 18 to 35 that support YouLead Secretariat to mobilise youth for the in-country events and raise awareness about YouLead Summit. They also support planning and execution of pre-summit events in their various countries.

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YouLead Action Network / YouLead Alumni

Our Action Network

YouLead Action Network is a community of YouLead Alumni. These are participants at previous YouLead summits. They together form  a wide network of young professionals and influencers across East Africa and beyond. They are active across the various EAC Member States. They shape and implement YouLead’s post-summit agenda and stayed engaged all year through until the next summit.

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Our Delegates

Delegates are successful applicants who attend the regional YouLead Summit. Delegates are hosted on full board and accommodation basis at MS TCDC campus during the summit.

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