YouLead Partners

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  • Who is a YouLead Partner?

    A youth-centric, pro-development stakeholder that upholds the values of collaboration, integration, inclusion, and diversity for collective prosperity in East Africa and Beyond!

  • Types of Partners

    • Co – Organizer: Strategic support through funding (based on budget lines, needs, e.g. expert support or in kind donations) and execution engagements. YouLead will open a call for partners to co-organize YouLead 2019
    • Funding Partner:Organisations, institutions and individuals who will provide grants, donations and fiduciary support to meet the budgetary needs of YouLead 2019
    • Sponsoring Partner: Organisations, institutions and individuals who will provide scholarships to delegates, or sponsor a certain Pre-Summit Events
    • Corporate Partner: Commercial entities sponsoring a theme, an activity or an event for purposes of public engagement, corporate social responsibility or marketing in relation to their brand
    • Event Host: Private and public entities interested in hosting Pre-Summit Events or youth initiatives during YouLead 2019
    • Activity Partner: Organisations, institutions and individuals interested in supporting the execution of specific YouLead

  • Why Become a YouLead Partner?

    • Join East Africa’s Biggest Youth gathering
    • Support and uplift bright young leaders
    • Scale-up 2 years efforts of connecting over 1000 youth leaders
    • Join multi-sector partners & agenda
    • Inform, Influence & Engage Policies
    • Access to YouLead Community Portal, Network and National Programs

YouLead Organizers & Partners

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