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    YouLead summit seeks the most stellar and innovative East African youth leaders aged between 18-35 from all disciplines, cities, and regions in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Ethiopia, and South Sudan. Delegates will come from state and non-state stakeholders working on youth-driven solutions to communal challenges and regional development! Do you think you have what it takes to become a YouLeader? Then you should stay tuned for the application announcement.

  • YouLead is a 100% youth-centric, the summit strives to be inclusive and engage youth leaders from diverse backgrounds in terms of expertise, age, country, region and socio-economic backgrounds. Since 2017, 280 delegates aged between 18 and 30 attended YouLead. The summit has a 15% acceptance rate, and grants Delegate acceptances based on merit and potential. As a platform of youth by youth, YouLead is a space for young leaders, both alumni and incoming candidates, to share their agendas, define the summit’s themes and design youth constituencies to guide speaker and mentor selections. YouLead Constituencies include:

    • Youth Leaders in Politics and Diplomacy
    • Youth in Entrepreneurship
    • Young Innovators & Tech Experts
    • Grassroots Champions
    • Civil Society Youth Leaders
    • Artists, Creatives & Entertainment Professionals
    • Youth working on SDGs
    • Youth in Trade and Agriculture
    • National Youth Councils | Students Led Movements |Students Governments
    • Academicians & Researchers
    • AU Youth Delegates
    • Human Rights Defenders opinion leaders of all walks of life
    • East African Youth in the Diaspora
    • Youth in the Informal Sectors

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